Danielle Molenaar-Episode #41-The Technology = Equality Podcast

Danielle Molenaar joins the Technology = Equality Community to discuss growing up with an entrepreneur and the ultimate influence this had on her life. Listen in as Danielle shares an intimate view of how her journey began. 

“We are living in a copy/ paste generation.” ~Danielle Molenaar

Strategy: It is very easy to start a business in this day and age. The ability to maintain a viable business is a completely different thing! Focus on and build long term relationships with your clients. 

Wisdom: Your research should always begin with yourself, take the time to find your passion. Try activities you enjoy, to begin formulating your business idea. Be sure you are providing a service with a corresponding need. Consider how long it will take to begin generating income and be sure your rates reflect this gap. Give it your all…. 150%!

Wish: Life is blissful; however Danielle would love an audience whom understands the true value of her services. 

Useful Tools: Virtual Efficiency