Father's Day 2017

My dad is the best at just about everything… Happy Father’s Day!

pexels-photo-190537My dad is the best at just about everything. From dancing to fixing things to navigating back roads! 

If he doesn’t know how… he will undoubtedly figure it out if you ask him to.

Looking back now, there is nothing he has ever given up on (no matter the time it takes) and there is nothing he can’t accomplish. As a child, I didn’t understand why my father seemed to have such amazing luck, or why things always went the way he planned. I always thought it funny that my father kept a notebook and several pens in his breast pocket. Much like mom, dad always had a list!

My dad is the best

My dad is the best….

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The reality is dad was always overboard with the listing of things!!!

When we were kids, if we became sick; he kept the <<Kid’s Name Here>> Input/ Output log!!!

NO Seriously, there was an Input/Output log for each one of us kids at some point in our lives!! Liquid, solid, you name it, he jotted it down… everything! Unlike mom’s lists; which were generally to do lists sorted by deadlines, dad’s lists were thoughts, ideas, notes, to do’s and work related items.  They always made sure to keep their lists in order of priority. 

I just chalked it up to “older person activities” and not something I really needed to put into practice.The simple concept of having the ability to move faster and keep track of more didn’t even begin to cross my mind. It didn’t hit me until years later when I was married with a child and working full-time. I had to find a way to keep track of things. I’m sure you’ve already guessed what happened next. Yes, much like my parents, I began creating lists! At one point I was using a brown leather binder; technology has changed this habit completely! I now utilize the native dictation, notepad, and reminders built into most My dad is the best Apple devices to list just about everything. I create lists daily, for everything & anything; from groceries to work to projects!

No worries,  I have never gone as far as the infamous Input/ Output logs.. 🙂

I am just hoping I am not now considered an “older person”…  for taking on this activity! I’m sure my daughter would beg to differ! Oh well…. I’m still going to celebrate my 29th birthday every year!

Ok, so back to the lists (or shall I say my older person activity)….. The lists allow me to seamlessly prioritize by having a visual of everything I need/ want to accomplish. I can quickly add to a list via dictation and sort with two or three taps on my screen. Technology has allowed me to find ways to accomplish more, with less effort or time invested. 

I invite you to join the conversation on the Technology = Equality Facebook Group. How are you using technology to help you stay organized? How has your dad influenced your career? Do you notice your parents shining through your actions? 

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My dad is the best


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