Crypto consulting from scratch with Shaya Kutnowski.

Shaya Kutnowski, founder and CEO of Reliable Crypto Consulting joins the Technology = Equality Community for episode #79. Have you ever had a mentor, teacher or role model that influenced your journey? Shaya started life hoping to one day become an inanimate object. Listen in as Shaya shares how a lack of social skills and a passion for the web created his journey which led to the land of digital currency.

Crypto consulting from scratch.

Episode #79

“There’s good in everything and if you really care to look you’ll find it.”  ~Shaya Kutnowski

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Strategy: Allow your business model to pivot with your customers desires so you can truly serve them to the best of your ability. Keep an open mind so you can see when opportunities arrive and accomplish your goals.

Wisdom: Money should never be your motivation to go into business. Follow your passion or you may quickly become frustrated with the journey.  Find the positive to change your day.

Wish: To educate the public to begin changing the negativity surrounding historical uses of digital currencies.

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