Begin crushing goals with this age old trick! 


My mother always told me to create a “to-do” list. This was of course at a time when smartphones and tablets only appeared on television shows like ‘Star Trek’.  My mother would pull out her list with delight, just a plain piece of white paper folded into three parts. Excited and crossing off yet another item, my mother was always adamant I should do the same. Let’s simplify and translate this method to 2017 technology so you begin crushing goals with this age-old trick!

My mother always told me to create a “to-do” list. 

I remember growing up, my general feeling was that of annoyance and lack of understanding why it was she cared so much if I carried a list. I would nod, smile and agree that I would ‘one day’ make a list and use it. It was not until much later in life, as a wife, mother, and that I began to truly understand the value of my Mother’s infamous lists.

Begin crushing goals with this age-old trick!

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No matter your preference, paper, electronic or whiteboard… it helps to have a quick visual of your immediate & future tasks to avoid the ever so common…. Ugh, I forgot …. or the frustration of time wasted.

Time is Money and if I wanted more of my time, I would eventually have to grow up and give in to my mothers prodding and maintain a task list.

The problem I consistently ran across when keeping my task list was how overwhelming it always felt. I would accomplish several tasks and feel as though there were still five hundred tasks remaining. I would prioritize with income generating activities but always felt like there were tasks still slipping through the cracks.

One Saturday afternoon while chatting with my mom on the phone I mentioned forgetting to grab something at the store and predictably my mother reminded me of how I need to begin creating lists that make sense. I think we can all agree that we will always have something on our task list. So how do you get to a point where you feel as though you have accomplished all important tasks for the day and you are systematically crushing your goals?

Separate your list into three parts. I explain how my mother uses the number three to simplify all tasks in my blog ‘Organization Anxiety‘.http://goo.gl/RjdCQS

1. Week At the top of this category, including all of the tasks you have to complete before the end of the week. At the bottom, include all of the tasks/ goals you would like to complete before the end of the week.

2. Month This category should include the items you will need/ or would like to complete prior to the end of the month.

3. YearThis category should contain all of the goals you would like to accomplish this year.

Review and edit your list on a weekly basis to begin crushing goals.

Review and edit your list on a weekly basis. Choose your top three priority tasks to perform from each category and be sure you tackle only your prioritized tasks first in your week.

Make the list categories relative to your lifestyle. Feel free to create additional or completely change to alternate categories if you like. My mother sticks to three as it avoids anxiety and decreases the actual effort & time she spends getting organized, so she can enjoy the rest of life! The most important thing to remember is to make your list easy to access and easy to edit. The point is to make the list effective for your lifestyle and start crushing goals!

Bonus Tips: To save yourself, even more, time and energy, find an application on your mobile device to create an automatically organized task list, dictate your tasks and never forget another thing. Need a little more of an integrated reminder in your day? Take a screenshot of your to-do list with your phone and save it as your lock and/ or home screen background. You’ll never miss a thing!
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