Episode #86
When daydreams begin.
Episode #86

Constance N. Craig-Mason

Constance N. Craig-Mason is the CEO & Visionary of Concierge Financial Group and CFG Agency. She is a passionate International Speaker, award-winning Insurance Broker, dedicated Financial Wellness Coach and a x3 Amazon Best Selling Author, who marries positive beliefs, emotions & daily money habits with financial literacy fostering a shift in her client’s financial well-being! Constance empowers her clients to live the life they want without worrying about money!

Determined to break the cycle of financial illiteracy plaguing each new generation in her family, Constance created a plan and began taking massive action.

Constance has received numerous awards for community impact in her field including a Medallion – “In Recognition of Excellence, Service, & Sacrifice” from the Comptroller of Maryland. An honoree at The Black Business Review’s 2019 Class of 40 Under 40 and was nominated for Financial Expert Speaker of the Year at SpeakerCon in November 2019.

“When I got the opportunity to get away from having to work for somebody else, I took it and I did not look back!”

Episode #86 Preview

Constance is active in her community and is an Awareness Advocate for financial literacy, breast cancer, sexual assault and mental health. She is very passionate about women’s empowerment as evidenced by her memberships in the Baltimore City Commission for Women: Women in Leadership, Shay Sharpe’s Pink Wishes (SSPW), Heal A Women to Heal A Nation (HWHN), Empowered Women in Business International (EWBI) and Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich. Constance is a graduate of the 2020 Inaugural Class of Dr. Cheryl Wood’s Vocalize Women Speakers Academy and a proud member of the FDIC’s Money Smart Alliance and the Black Speakers Network (BSN).

Having a child young quickly shifted priorities in life for Constance. With few role models to reference or resources to rely on, Constance became besties with Google. Spending hours surfing, Constance empowered herself with the knowledge required to create a new future for herself, her children and generations to come. Listen in as Constance shares her journey of struggle, strength and a search for stability.

Strategy: Constance took every opportunity available to educate herself on the financial services industry and her potential in the industry. From searching through google to shadowing a friend, while raising a family and working, Constance made sure to maximize every moment.
Wisdom: The recognition of a being surrounded by a severe lack of respect in life, is not an uncommon scenario for many minorities. Faced with the reality of how quickly an opportunity can vanish when directed by someone other than yourself, Constance made the decision to take control of her financial future.

Tools: Order your copy and become a VIP today! Money Talk$- Uncut convos with power couples about love, money and entrepreneurship.

Wish: Constance is soon to take the exam to obtain her Financial Advisor designation which will provide her with the opportunity to educate her clients on how to make their money work for them.

Connect: You can find Constance on all social media platforms as
@ccraigmason or visit www.ccraigmason.com.

Remember to surround yourself with people who will support your goals. I don’t mean ignore social distancing! I mean infiltrate your life with your role models. The world has progressed far past Google. Find your role models on your favorite social media platform and start studying! What does their journey look like? What can you begin doing today to create that tomorrow for yourself?

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