Connect The Dots: Audio Blog #21

Do you ever experience moments of clarity when you connect the dots and things begin to make sense?

I consistently preach about WINO Mode to my clients. This is when you spend too much of your time Working In Not On your business. A habit every entrepreneur falls into at some point or another during the initial phase of creating and developing a business.

Would you like to know a secret?

It’s not just the initial phase of creation and growth. Entrepreneurs of all types and experience levels fall into WINO Mode, often more than just once. The passion behind a project takes over and you lose track of time. The most common scenario I witness is when the multitude of responsibilities associated with founding a company can create a sense of overwhelming, ultimately leading to frustration.

I found myself deep in WINO Mode this past Fall (2017) as the school year began and the holiday season ensued. My goal was to take a step back and evaluate my progress with my consulting practice, the group coaching program, the website and digital marketing materials, the podcast and much more.

I began the year crushing my goals and beginning to understand which traffic channels are developing the greatest amount of exposure and engagement. I am making progress and attempting to commit to my public speaking journey. I attended Mary Cheyne’s 2-Day Public Speaking “Magnetic Podium” Boot Camp in January. This allowed for an opportunity to network with several wonderful entrepreneurs. Through conversations during the weekend, I was provided with a recommendation to speak with Tom of Brandcasting You.

Connect The Dots.

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Tom is amazing! If you need assistance with your website or podcast, be sure to check them out!!

Tom took a few minutes to review my website prior to our scheduled call. The call was eye-opening and value packed. I was politely plucked out of WINO mode and set on the fast track to making big changes in 2018!

When the call was over, I had to just take a moment to be grateful for the insight and really connect the dots! I was introduced to a former guest, by a colleague in the podcast space. This guest invited me to a private conference here on the east coast. I was introduced to Mary Cheyne during the conference and attended her 2-Day Magnetic Podium boot camp as mentioned a moment ago. During Mary’s Boot Camp I was introduced to a woman who also has a podcast and was working with Tom.

I love how the dots connect to a moment of growth! You don’t know how the dots will connect in the future or where the baby steps will lead, but if you just keep taking them, they might just surprise you!

I am super excited about the feedback received from Tom!!! His expertise is quickly understood within seconds of conversation. I have some work to do on the website, all work I would have noticed, had WINO Mode not taken over. I’m happy the opportunity to unconsciously remove WINO Mode presented itself. In the future, I intend to be far more diligent in recognizing the onset.

To help you avoid WINO mode in the future, schedule a meeting with yourself every 3 – 6 months. You don’t need to make this an extensive process. Remember KISS, Keep It, Super Simple! Take a moment to evaluate your daily activities and decide how well they are aligned with your long-term goals and apply the 4D Strategy! 


Tom, thank you for your time, your expertise and suggestions. I look forward to working with Brandcasting You in the near future!

If you’re interested in checking out Tom’s services for your website or podcast, click the link included in this blog post.

Thank You again for joining me for Audio Blog #21, and until our next episode; when we continue to…

Hear the Journey ~ Find the Pain  ~ Create Solutions

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