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Clearing the COVID Clutter.

We are well into the final quarter of 2020! I think there are plenty of us who are quite ready to wish 2020 farewell!

Is this the first time you have been employed in a remote manner?

From COVID to killer bees, few are making the daily commute that once frustrated most! Long gone are the days when lengthy traffic jams were topics of water cooler conversations. I believe I even have a blog mentioning the traffic here in the city of Boston! Many corporations made digital transitions this year as most Americans began working remote for the first time!

Many temporary home offices have become semi-permanent workstation. Maintaining files in drawers is now a thing of the past, meaning January 2020!

Do you still feel like you’re transitioning to remote work because the old hard copy of your new digital files still exist?

Is the thought of organizing your space giving you an anxiety attack?

Is your space beginning to feel like a traffic jam? If you answered yes to any of the above, and it has become difficult to determine where to begin you’re in luck!

Your algorithm found the right blog post.

“A place for everything and everything in its place.”

~ Reverend Charles Augustus Goodrich

Most of the tips I use to eliminate this moment of organization anxiety are direct from my mom! She was always picking up this or that with four kids running through the house. Now, if I don’t bother to pick up as I go through out the day, I tend to get a little stir crazy and unfocused!

Your mindset is directly related to everything in your environment. The amount of daylight you’re exposed to, the music or audio content you consume and the people you interact with. When you have a clear space you can begin to achieve a clearer thought process.

If you recognize your space is the source of, or is contributing to your anxiety, stay calm, and smile. Recognition is one of the first and biggest steps towards making changes to any habit.

“Calm down…. It’s just organization anxiety!”

My mother has always used the number three to simplify any organization project and provide clarity of mind through out her daily life. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized the many manners in which she implemented this method throughout her life. She would designate three spaces an hour or three rooms a day. She would make sure she had no more than three personal appointments out of the house per week be it dentist, hair or nail salon. Her minutes, days, months and years are simplified by her implementation of this simple pattern.

Any organization project can seem overwhelming if looked at as a whole. The trick is to create a plan to get organized before you begin.

I know you are thinking… ‘Who has the time to create a plan to get organized?” 

No worries! Follow these three simple tips below to help you begin thinking about your organization plan.

1. The Mental Picture: Start organizing your space by creating categories. (Not on paper, just a mental break up of your space… kitchen, closet, filing drawer #1, etc.) Try to mentally review your daily actions to see what areas slow you the most. What is it you need to clear to help you?

2. Make a game of it: Dedicate only 20 minutes at a time to cleaning each space. Set a built-in timer on your device to keep you on schedule. Try to beat your timer and see how much you can do!

3. The Power of Three: Try picking three spaces you feel are most important or the most frequently used spaces. In an hour you’ll have completed three organization projects!

It’s fall and many of us have had a good dose if not a crash course in the digital transition this year! I want to hear from you! How did the forced digital transformation work out for you? Be sure to share your digital transformation story with me by sending an email to

It’s Fall!

Did someone say costume contest?

I love Halloween! My whole family loves Halloween! My parents home was and still is the Halloween House! You know that you’d in the neighborhood that has to go overboard with decorations and always has the best candy? That was my parents house!

My father would put green light under the stairs and have sounds tracks of screaming and rattling chains and fog machines! He would pride himself in how many trick or treaters he could scare. I have witnessed grown men running from the front lawn! I remember one year when we even stuffed a mask and covered it in fake blood to roll down the stairs as trick or treaters approached. That year was definitely the funniest! One little girl, whom we as a family knew well as she only lived doors away, was not too happy about her Halloween scare! About an hour after she had originally been to the house to trick or treat she returned stomping her feet and declared with a scream….. “You made me wet my pants!” I believe Dad just emptied the bucket of can’t into her bag and called it a night!

I have never hosted a haunted house personally, but I wanted to share a COVID safe way to enjoy Halloween this year with an online haunted house! Introducing the first annual Technology = Equality Halloween Hall of Horror Costume Contest!

Have you decided on a costume this year? If so, we want to hear from you!

Winner will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Send us your costume pics to be included on the Technology = Equality Halloween Hall of Horror! Coming Soon!! To submit your pictures or short video for the hall of horror simply upload them to our website by visiting All pictures will be approved by our staff before they are added to the hall of horror. Winner will receive a $50 Amazon Gift card to help you kick off your holiday shopping season!

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