Chaz Boren: Technology = Equality Podcast- Episode #52

Chaz Boren, co-founder of True Blue Essentials joins the Technology = Equality Community for Episode #52. Listen in as Chaz provides an intimate view of how the pivots in his journey took him from web development in middle school to organic chemistry in marriage.

“The first step was realizing a product I developed for my wife and spent a long time creating, could really benefit the public.” ~Chaz Boren

Strategy: When you begin your journey, research everything!!! Utilize the resources you already have access to without effort. When you begin creating and implementing your plans, network to find mentors who can assist you.

Wisdom: Get started NOW! Educate yourself on the industry or interest of choice and create your plan!

Wish: To find a business partner who is looking to help build True Blue Essentials.

Useful Tools: Google

True Blue Essentials


Source: 52. Chaz Boren

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