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Fabric capable of Capacitive Sensing!

What would you do with fabric that senses stuff? 


I hope you all had a safe and absolutely fun Halloween weekend!

It’s kind of crazy how fast this year has just flown by. I popped into my local drug store this weekend just to pick up a couple of things and Christmas gear was already out. I guess we’ve given up on being grateful this year! 

I get it, it’s not as though I’ve been in a box! I’m halfway done with my holiday shopping! Yes, I get it, we are all preparing for the holidays and preparing for early shipping! Shipping is going to be crazy this year, so if you haven’t started I suggest that you do. 

However, that doesn’t mean that I need to see the holiday gear lining the walls of stores when I do bother to actually get out of the house this year. I don’t know I just felt like Halloween was barely finished on Sunday and literally I’m looking at Christmas stuff in the store. I don’t know, it just seems kind of crazy. My apologies for the little rant there. I just think we need to slow down a little this year.

Anyhow, this week in tech news ‘Capacitivo’. In regular terms so that we can all understand, it’s smart fabric people! Smart fabric capable of capacitive sensing! So, I ran into this article in Mashable Tech written by Jordan Aaron. Jordan, thank you for sharing this incredible news. It’s just absolutely mind blowing what this fabric can do. 

Jordan’s piece on this fabric was beautifully put together. With really short lines of text and an awesome video with ambient sound as you’re watching this amazing fabric sense stuff like fruits and water as it’s placed onto it. I love seeing future tech today. I absolutely adore seeing new technology!

I grew up watching the Jetsons and Star Wars, Back to the Future and sci-fi that have become real nowadays. Stuff that, back in the day we were watching and thinking it was just crazy but it’s actually here! So it’s not often when I find a new piece of technology and I can’t even remember seeing a movie or a cartoon from like the early 80’s. That’s why I think this story really stood out to me. It’s fabric that senses what is being placed on it. You have to check Jordan’s story out! 

It’s almost creepy and yet so unbelievably cool all at once. I can’t stop thinking about how it will end up being used. This is not something that’s going to disappear and we won’t ever hear about it after the story from Jordan or myself. Obviously this is something that’s gonna roll out to the market in the future. This is what makes me so curious as to what it is people are planning to do with it. I don’t understand the application. It’s awesome, it’s just I don’t get it. 

I think, because of Halloween, throughout the weekend. The Halloween mindset, the creepy story, bump in the night mindset. Reality is, I’ve enjoyed tons of scary story podcasts throughout the weekend and I think, because of that mindset, every time I think about this fabric I keep coming up with Black Mirror type scenarios for it!

Have you guys seen that show on Netflix? Black Mirror? It’s like the twilight zone scenarios. That’s all I can come up with when I think about this fabric. It’s the age old fear of the unknown, I am not sure what it is people would do with it. I guess that is what is really creeping me out about it!

I need your help Tech = E Community! I’m curious, what would you do with fabric that senses stuff? What would you use this fabric for? How would you apply it in either your business or your daily life? Help me get out of the Black Mirror scenarios on this fabric! I was super blown away by it and I couldn’t help but to share and ask your ideas! Be sure to check out Jordan‘s article and this outstanding piece of new technology. 

Don’t forget to drop me a line over at and let me know what you would use this fabric for. While you’re checking out the show notes page, be sure to also check out the all new line of Fall products in the Technology = Equality store. Yes, we have a fall line! Yes, there are Thanksgiving designs, because I chose to not skip the holiday and instead choose to be grateful.

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