Bree Noble is helping female musicians build their business.

Female musicians, ready to build an audience, a business and be heard? Bree Noble, creator of the Female Musician Academy is placing women on the fast track to a successful musical career.

Bree Noble

Bree joins us for episode #23 to share tips, tricks and tons of tools with the Technology = Equality Community. Listen in as Bree explains how making time for family sparked her entrepreneurial journey.

Bree Noble is helping female musicians build their business.

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“In the beginning, it was more about getting out of what I was in then it was getting into what I’m in.”~Bree Noble

Strategy: Build your e-mail list so you can seamlessly communicate with your audience. Then ask questions, listen to the answers and then take action.

Wisdom: Create a budget first and know that there will not be any positive cash flow for a significant period of time. Figure out a way to have enough bread and butter income and build from there.

Wish: To figure out why many people are experiencing difficulty when attempting to sign up for the Female Musician Academy.

Useful Tools: Find a task manager that works for you.Women of Substance Radio

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Female Musician Academy

Originally Aired 07/05/2015

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