Bettina Pickering-Episode #44-The Technology = Equality Podcast

How well do you really know You? Bettina joins the Technology = Equality Community for Episode # 44 to share how she started a new year with a new life! Listen in as Bettina describes quitting work one January 4th and diving into her entrepreneurial journey on full faith!
“I remember as a child I was always very excited about the future.”~Bettina Pickering
Strategy: Knowing yourself should be the foundation of starting anything new. Your journey may not begin with looking for your first entrepreneurial endevour. Bettina suggests taking the time, as she did, to try new things and educate yourself. Take some time to see what activities you truly enjoy.
Wisdom: Find a daily source of inspiration for you. Once you take the time to figure out ‘You’ and what you want to do, begin crafting your journey with the following questions; Who is my ideal client? How am I serving my clients? What is the range of prices, my ideal clients are willing to pay? How long before I begin creating a cash flow?
Wish: The day of seamlessly operating business systems in the cloud should be here by now!!! It’s just about 2016 at this point Tech = E Community, we can help Bettina with this! Bettina is also very interested in finding someone who would be capable of managing the cloud based business system.
Useful Tools: Dial A Guru Series