Bernd Schoner: The Tech Entrepreneur’s Episode

Bernd Schoner, PhD.: The Tech Entrepreneur's EpisodeBernd Schoner, the author of The Tech Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide, joins the Technology = Equality Community for episode #11. Bernd worked in the Physics and Media Group and the Things-That-Think research consortium at the MIT Media Laboratory, where he received his PhD. Upon graduating, he co-founded the high-tech startup ThingMagic, which nearly ten years later, was sold to Trimble Navigation, a multibillion-dollar public technology company. Schoner now serves as VP of Business Development at Trimble Navigation. He lives with his wife in New York City and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Listen in as Bernd and I chat about building the right team and creating value for your tech start-up. Bernd shares insider details about starting from a garage right here in Cambridge, MA.!

Bernd Schoner, PhD.: The Tech Entrepreneur’s Episode

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“We had to leave school… there was no more hanging out in the lab, so we started a company!” ~Bernd Schoner, PhD.

Strategy: Build the right team, take it slow, choose wisely and don’t believe the overnight billionaire hype! Do because you believe in it and love it!

Wish: Let’s help Bernd, help the retail industry get organized.

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Bernd Schoner, PhD.: The Tech Entrepreneur's Episode

The Tech Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide

Packed with do’s and don’ts and unforgettable lessons learned from Schoner’s ThingMagic endeavors, The Tech Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide is a must-read for entrepreneurs at any stage. Schoner explains the major phases of a technology company’s life cycle, helping entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls and survive crises when they strike. He guides the reader through the initial bootstrapping process through venture-capital financing and provides valuable advice on how to sell a technology company profitably—even in a bad economic environment. Click Here to order your copy today! 


 Originally Aired 4/2015
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