Episode #90

Be Prepared
Sharon Devonish Leid

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I hope you all enjoyed a wonderfully fun New Year’s Eve and I hope you’re just as excited as I am to kick off the New Year!

This week I had an opportunity to chat with Sharon Devonish Leid, founder of NetStruc PR. Sharon has been in the public relations industry for over 20 years. After eighteen years of dedicated service, Sharon was laid off from her position with the City of New York. Prompting immediate action, Sharon re-introduced herself as an independent publicist and launched her public relations firm, NetStruc PR in April 2015. 

Through trials, tribulations, pains, and wanting to give up Sharon finally found success in providing the unexpected to the underserved. With a passion for helping clients become featured stories in the media, Sharon has shifted her attention to entrepreneurs and small businesses lacking media coverage. NetStruc PR helps clients establish themselves as experts, generate awareness, increase prospects, and grow their profits.

“I had to reintroduce myself.”

Sharon Devonish Leid

Sharon’s extensive experience working for the City of New York has allowed her to cultivate connections with influencers and implement techniques such as Community Engagement to provide clients with next level professional service on a global scale. 

Listen in as Sharon shares stories of how she once thought she would become an attorney. In the midst of her plan, a mentor’s recognition of Sharon’s true talent and an offer of a higher paying position, sparked a pivot in her journey inspiring a whole new future. 

Strategy: Be prepared with a short, concise pitch highlighting your uniqueness in your industry. Have a strong online presence and keep your messaging aligned across platforms. Use the National Awareness calendar to help stay on trend with your topics.

Wisdom: Trial and error is the start of every entrepreneurial journey! There is never a wrong time to make a pivot let your instincts guide you. 

Wish: A real magic wand so media outlets can clearly see the value in the clients Sharon presents. 

Episode #90

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