The art of the pivot… Megan Ramey is biking about town!

Megan Ramey, founder of shares the art of the pivot with the Technology = Equality Community for episode #16. Megan delves into starting a business based on her passion for logistics. While taking a solo hike and clearing her mind, Megan realized her current journey in the food industry was not where she wanted to be. Listen in as Megan shares how she made the choice to be open to change and is now ready to change the world!

The art of the pivot… Megan Ramey is biking about town!

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Wisdom: Confidence is key to communication. If you don’t believe in your product, you can’t expect others to believe in it. Only 1% of the population currently ride bikes on a regular basis. Get creative and ask your audience what it is your audience is looking for.

Strategy: Passion can often spark creative ways to supplement your income! Megan explains how her Airbnb rental income, lowers and can even eliminate the cost of her mortgage.

Wish: Megan is loving every minute of the unfolding of her journey. She is looking forward to additional opportunities to work with inspiring individuals!

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Originally published 5/2015