Anna Mandell on Lemonade, Finances and Life. Episode78

Did you ever try to scale your lemonade stand?

That’s exactly how Anna Mandell began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 8. Anna Mandell is a high-performance business lifestyle coach. Anna teaches her unique brand of performance and fulfillment inspired by her mentors, coaches, and institutionally proven methodologies. Using her proven coaching process,  Anna has coached thousands of individuals and has touched countless lives. Anna enables her clients to discover their internal power enabling them to leave lasting legacies in both their jobs and personal lives. Today Anna joins the Technology = Equality Community for episode #78. Listen in as Anna shares how she utilizes her skills in the realm of emotional intelligence, confidence, fulfillment, total self-alignment, and financial freedom and has combined them with training on business, relationships, parenting, and so much more.

Anna Mandell on Lemonade, Finances, and Life.

“Your passion becomes your prison the minute it stops being a choice.” ~Anna Mandell

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Strategy: Create a structure for your financial independence. Quantify what you need on a monthly basis and create passive income streams to support this goal.

Wisdom: Job security doesn’t exist in this day and age. The entrepreneurial journey can become overwhelming if you’re not careful. Master your time management skills to avoid burnout.

Wish: Making sure to acknowledge and appreciate everyday wins!

Tools: Total Self Alignment Masterclass  

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