Andrea Sternberg is sharing golden industry secrets!: The Technology = Equality Podcast- Episode #21

Andrea Sternberg never let a job title hold her back from achieving her dreams! Join the Technology = Equality Community and listen in as Andrea shares her journey into the marketing world and some golden industry secrets!

Andrea Sternberg is sharing golden industry secrets!

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“As an entrepreneur, you can put things down on paper, but where I thought I was going to be 10 years ago, is not where I am today.” ~Andrea Sternberg

Strategy: Find a mentor, learn as much as you can and try to ask as many questions as you can. Pay attention to the people in your sphere of influence; figure out what they need and find a way you can deliver it to them.

Wisdom: Get your finances organized before you do anything else. Stop printing your electronic statements, just save them! Create a plan for creating cash flow; just be aware, cash flow can be an issue for anyone!

Wish: To continue finding new innovative ways to avoid the paper clutter!

Tools: Google Calendar


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 Originally Aired 6.2015