Episode #85

Amanda Elise Love

Amanda Elise Love, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach, is on a mission to relieve the pain and suffering experienced by those diagnosed with Fibromyalgia!

Amanda attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition with certifications from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Institute of the Psychology of Eating. After years of pain and lacking a diagnosis, Amanda took it upon herself to find a holistic approach to healing.

Now living an energetic lifestyle, virtually pain free; Amanda is dedicating her life to creating a safe space with holistic solutions to help other Fibromyalgia patients do the same. With her signature 30-Day program The Fibro Fix, Amanda provides her clients with a deeper understanding of the word holistic as they integrate the healing of mind, body and spirit. Listen in as Amanda shares her entrepreneurial journey of healing and helping her clients get back to life!

“That is a crucial thing, is having that person in your life that wants to see you get better just as much as you want to get better!”

~Amanda Elise Love

Strategy: Amanda didn’t just listen to her physicians, she listened to her gut, quite literally! Consistently being open to try new ideas, Amanda remained determined to find or create a solution for her personal scenario.

Wisdom: To achieve a holistic healing you must engage mind, body and spirit.

Wish: Amanda fears the negativity brewing in large social media platforms can hinder the ability to heal. Amanda would love to create a safe, positive space for others managing Fibromyalgia.

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Episode #85

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