Episode #95

Empowering Survivors

Amanda de Geneste

Amanda de Geneste is an author, a retired law enforcement officer, and a sexual abuse survivor. Born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Brooklyn NY where she served as a law enforcement officer at the Kings County district attorney’s office. A deep desire to provide safety for others drove Amanda to work her way to become the lead detective investigator for the crimes against children unit where she would serve seven of her twenty-two years as a law enforcement officer.

“Being prepared is the key to success.”

Amanda de Geneste

As a teenager, writing poetry was a release of pain for Amanda. After retirement she knew she needed to continue to help others feel safe and empowered. Pushing embarrassment aside, Amanda decided to tell her survivors story through an auto biographical collection of poetry. Creating strength through poetic stories of pain, Amanda’s book “I Am” confronts the issues of emotional distress and helps to create dialogue around physical, spiritual, and mental pain. The purpose of Amanda’s book is to engage survivors and empower them not to be silent, educate parents about the signs, and encourage therapeutic actions such as writing.

Listen in as Amanda and I chat about her journey as a survivor, an advocate, an author and so much more.


Recognize any opportunity to monetize the actions you take daily. Set a goal, create a plan and begin taking baby steps. If you intend to publish, always have your work professionally edited.


The journey of life can be harsh, it important to always believe in yourself! Awareness is the best form of prevention we should all invest in. Prepare yourself mentally for life’s challenges. Having the right mindset is a foundation piece in life, not just business, that you should not ignore.


“I AM”

Empower Though Awareness

Episode #95

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