Affiliate income and so much more with Zac Johnson.

Zac Johnson is a successful online entrepreneur, educating others on how to build profitable income streams online. Zac was just a kid in high school when he realized how to create his first business online. Over the past 20 years, Zac has built multiple income streams through the internet and has joined the Technology = Equality Community to help you get started on your online entrepreneurial journey.

Affiliate income and so much more with Zac Johnson.

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“I had to take ownership of my success and failures. “ ~Zac Johnson

Strategy: No matter what you build on the internet, it has the potential to create money for you 365 days a year. Niche down, brand yourself and know the problem you’re solving.

Wisdom: Learn how to focus on your strengths and spend your time and money in a manner that will help you long term. 

Wish: To delegate his work to his clones!

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Originally Aired: May 31st, 2015

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