Organized: 5 Tips to get & keep you there!

Organized: 5 Tips to Get & Keep You There

1. Take time to set time! Be sure to add time in your day (preferably in the first hour of your day) to, create your to-do list, take a look at your calendar and tasks for the day, the week and the month. Most often when I meet with a prospective client, one of the first things I note is that they don’t set the time to organize their time. They may have an active running calendar or task manager and they use it feverishly and would be lost, were it not for the ability to now sync calendar information automatically across devices. (Yes, you can do this! No, it’s not new software, check out my blog post “In Sync” for more info.)

2. Create a To Do list. With dictation, you can often add, edit or delete items from your To Do list in a snap.

3. Set time limits. When creating your calendar or to do list, remember to always determine the time the task, event, etc. will take and jot it in your list next to the task. As you review your list, you will have a better sense of the time you need to accomplish tasks, vs. the actual hours in your day.

4.  Use a Map. No really, this is 2014, and most of us have easy access to a built-in GPS device. Use it for more than just travel. You can now estimate your travel time for any appointments or tasks. You can also have a visual as to where you will be throughout your day, and design your schedule as best you can, to avoid going in circles or running back and forth across town. Having a visual of your day can also help to jog your memory on other items you have been meaning to take care of. Now with your organized day, you might find time to swing by the car wash, it’s right along the way today.

5.Take a break! With your new-found ability to multi-task and accomplish twice what you accomplished last week, STOP and take a break. Shut off electronics, silence all ringers and rest. Burning yourself out can lead to a frustrating, revolving door of further disorganization, and stress. Be sure to take 15 minutes every 90 or so minutes to keep your mind at it’s best.

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