5 Tasks to delegate to your electronics..

I am always amazed by the number of built in features people fail to implement into their daily lives.

Try setting aside 15-30 minutes a week to learn, or find something new on your devices to help get you organized. If you don’t have the following features built in, be sure to try the endless free versions easily found in any of the different application stores.

You likely pay for a phone or internet service monthly, which sometimes may seem like an outrageous cost. However, try some of the following and I’m positive you’ll begin to feel the value of your device.

1. Calendar/ Task Manager– It would be difficult to find a device on the market that is not already equipped with a built in calendar. If you don’t like it and it is not easy for you to enter information into, look for an alternate version that suits you.

Often times the task manager is a piggy back App to your calendar. Again, built in and ready to use. What better way to stay on top of things then a reminder from the device you already keep your calendar in, and are probably holding all day as it is?

2. Auto- Response- Send a template message instead of actually typing out the answers to an e-mail, text or even phone call.This feature is slowly but surely making it’s way into more and more devices on the market. But don’t worry, I’m not selling you on a new device. Most devices have a note pad or similar application built in. Try creating your auto response here for a quick copy/ paste alternative.

3. Time Keeper- Again, a slew of versions on the market, but my favorite is the Hours Keeper! This app is by far the easiest App to keep track of your billable time. You can clock in and out in, create and e-mail invoices all from within the App. Create multiple clients and even clock in for multiple clients when billing for joint work.

This App is not only for billing clients, you can almost track time for just about any project you come up with. While homeschooling our daughter,  my husband and I found it useful to track school hours with the App. Instead of clients, we entered subjects.Through the day, no matter where we were or what we were studying, we had an accurate count on not only learning time but also how our time was spent!


4. Bill Pay- Did you know most banks, credit card companies and even credit unions have Apps now. With most, you now have the ability to deposit your check right from your phone! Many work in tandem with accounting software to make tax time a breeze.

Note: Be sure to always password protect your device with a password not easily guessed. Be sure to also save your device password in a safe place separate from your device!

5.  Password Keeper- Not often a built-in feature, but again, easily found in many application stores. Never having to remember a password aside from your device password in this day and age is…. dare we say Priceless?

The minutes you invest in finding the right App to suit your life, will become the hours of free time you have been searching for. We delegate to free time, and time is money.

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