5 reasons 2 Love iPhone 6S/6S Plus

The ‘S’ stands for ‘supped up’

The annual Apple Event has become a holiday for hipsters, the silicon Super Bowl. While the reactions for the new lineup of products varied; from head scratching over the Apple Pencil to anticipation for iPad Pro, there weren’t many surprises when it came to the newest iPhone. As expected we didn’t see much along the lines of external design changes, (the outside of the phone is made of aerospace grade aluminum and the “strongest glass available on a smartphone” in response to the ‘bendgate’ controversy) however there have been significant upgrades to just about everything beneath the screen.

3D Touch is a completely redesigned screen for the 6S. This pressure sensitive feature allows you to access new menus on your home screen and inside of apps. You can also peek at websites, photos and emails without fully opening them, excellent for when you are using an app and don’t want to have to open another app. This can help you focus as it will assist in minimizing the distraction factor while performing a task. Apple takes full advantage of this technology and allows for shortcuts to be built into future apps.

Live photos. This feature will allow you to create a gif from your still photos by capturing a moment both before and after you snap the picture. Use the gif as your home screen to personalize your device. Keep in mind, live photos take up twice the file size of a normal photo. This should be seriously considered while deciding what version (16GB, 64GB, 128GB) you want to purchase.

Camera. The rear camera improves to 12 MP from the previous 8MP, and the front cam gets a major jump from 1.2 to 5MP Videos are now shot in 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels) resolution at 30 frames per second. (Previously 1080p)

Processor. The 64 bit A9 chip makes CPU performance 70% faster than the previous chip (A8) and delivers a console gaming level of graphic capability. It’s also equipped with a co- processor for real time use, allowing hands free voice activation with SIRI without the need to connect to an external power source.

Apple upgrade program: Apple offers a two years payment option that covers the cost of an iPhone 6s with AppleCare+. Monthly installment start at $32 (6S 16GB) up to $44(6S Plus 128GB)

I hope this has aided you on the decision to purchase the 6S or wait for the iPhone 7 around this time next year. If you are worried about the comparability of your current phone be sure to check out my last entry here.

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